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The construction of the resort dates back to the early 1920s, when the Villa Rosa Maltoni Mussolini complex in Tirrenia (named after Mussolini's mother) was born, for the children of railway workers and post office employees. Since its inauguration in 1933, the complex was used in the summer as a colony while in October of the same year it began to function as a college.

Over the years it underwent some extensions due to the insufficient presence of dormitories and with the completion of the southern exedra destined to be a summer dormitory.

From the beginning the building was perfectly symmetrical and divided into 2 sectors, the Postelegraphonic to the south and the Railwaymen to the north.

From 1946 the property was divided between the Ministry of Posts and the Ministry of Transport with a fence that cut the entrance pavilion exactly in half, modifying the organicity of the project and eliminating some important elements such as the fountain with the fish.

In 1964  it was sold to some institutions that used it, for several years, mostly as a summer camp, thus maintaining the correct maintenance of the buildings and then abandoning it until the 2000s, when, thanks to a recovery plan, it was transformed into a residential structure renamed the Queen of the Sea. All this brings us to today where, thanks to a complete renovation, while leaving the originality of the structure intact, the Baia Toscana Resort was born.



Considered one of the highest expressions of Futurist architecture in Italy, the structure is characterized by the presence of two reservoir towers that emerge as a reminder on the other buildings. 


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